Best way to automatically run "Good Morning"?

I’m curious what others are doing to automatically run the “Good Morning” routine. I’ve though about putting an open/close sensor on the cabinet for the coffee mugs, or perhaps trigger it when the bedroom light comes on.

What kind of set up do you have?

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I have a motion sensor on side of the nightstand pointing towards the bed, so it only triggers from an intentional hand wave. I use that when I’m getting out of bed.

Up until 8 AM, all it does is turn on a soft night light on the wall. But from 8 AM until noon (I have a very irregular schedule), it does a good morning routine. :sunglasses:

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I’m the same. but use a motion sensor at the top of the stairs. to trigger Good Morning. I used to trigger it by an open sensor on the wardrobe door, which is good until you forget to close the door after yourself the night before.

I just trigger off the motion sensor in the main bath limited by M-F and > 06:45 (just before my alarm goes off). This keeps the stupid cats from waking up the house when they wander into the bathroom for a drink. This throws the house into EARLY (limited lights and furnace) mode. The other trigger is in the bedroom en-suite so when my wife gets up later or we rise on the weekend the house gets put into full HOME mode.

The motion sensors might be a good option. Since I’m thrifty, I want to find a double use for any motion sensor. Seems like a lot of money for a single use like this.

Much like @daven, we use a schedule on weekdays, and a motion sensor downstairs for the weekend. The downstairs motion sensor is only active for this purpose from 7AM, so house goes to home mode when the kids go downstairs.

Additionally, I’ve programmed one of the new Iris 4-button controllers to allow me to press a button to run good morning or good night for the somewhat rare exceptions when the two rules above are not enough.

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I guess it depends on your morning routine.

My 2 year old usually starts screaming between 5:15 and 6 so I have the hallway motion sensor (pet immune because of the stupid cat) to kick off Good Morning! if there is movement between 5:15 and 6:30. If there is no movement then kick off Good Morning at 6:30. I haven’t made it to 6:30 in 2 years. :slight_smile: :sleeping:


Don’t worry, when they reach puberty you can’t get them up before noon :frowning:
@Dan999, I just set up a rule in the ST widget on my phone for the rare exceptions.

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We have a regular schedule, so I created a Rule Machine “rule” that turns on a virtual switch at T=5:27 M-F, and T=:527+3 hours on the weekend. All it does is turn on the “Good Morning” virtual switch, which triggers a rule to turn up the heat, turn on lights, sets mode to Morning, etc. Separating the alarm rule from the good morning rule and using a virtual switch to trigger the good morning rule allows both automation and manual control.

We have a minimote on the bedstand (soon to be replaced by a Dot) for manual overrides (e.g., turn on Good Morning early, or turn on the Alarm Disable virtual switch to prevent the alarm from going off altogether). I also have an IFTT recipe that triggers the Good Morning virtual switch at 5:30, just in case the ST schedule glitches.

Seems to be working pretty reliably (i.e., pretty soon my wife might be convinced to disable the backup backup alarm on her cell phone :slight_smile: ). WAF is high enough that we don’t have very many “grumpy mornings”. Well, not because of ST, anyway.


As I mentioned, mine does different things at different times. (It cost $20 on sale.)

In the morning, it can trigger the good morning routine.

In the evening, it triggers the good night routine.

If it’s already run the good night routine but it isn’t morning yet, it turns on the night light.

So just depends on what you need. :sunglasses:

Is that set up through Rule Machine?

No, just 3 separate routines with different trigger conditions. But you certainly could with rule machine. :sunglasses:

I don’t use good morning Home, nor do I use “routines” in Smartthings. I use rules in rules machine. I have 3 rules in rule machine for my modes:

#1 away mode which is triggered by me and my wife’s presence sensors. if we both leave, Away mode is triggered. All lights go off, I get notified of any doors that are open or windows, or motion sensors detect motion.

#2 Home mode which is triggered weekdays at 6 AM and weekends at 6:30 AM. Some lights go on in our kitchen and living room at this time.

#3 Night mode if it is 10:30 PM and there are no harmony activities running, and no motion in the living room. after night mode is activated all lights go off in 10 minutes. I will get notified if there’s any motion or if anything is open in night mode. If in the event that I have to get out of bed during the middle the night, any light that turns on automatically turns off 10 minutes later.

All of this is done through rule machine. Three rules. One for away, one for home, one for night.

Sorry about the huge ginormous text. I don’t know what I did!

Okay this is my good morning routine,or what I call wake up routine. I use my android phone as a trigger once the phone is unplugged from the charger the wake up routine is activated. Now I only use this routine on days I work so Monday - Friday the first thing that happens is my security alarm is disabled and my coffee maker is turned on. the light in my bedroom turns on at 15% so I can see and get ready and not wake up the wife. Next the hallway and entrance way lights turn a orange color they are dimmed at 25% so I eyes can get used to light also the main bathroom light is on a motion sensor and is also dimmed at 25% and turns off when no motion is detected. Now once I walk out to the living room their is a motion sensor that turns on all the lights in the living room at 35% now once I walk into the kitchen to get my coffee their is a motion sensor in the kitchen that turns all lights to daylight white and back to 100% but it will keep main bathroom at 25% in case someone has to use the bathroom in the night. their is a door sensor on the front door I walk out every morning and once the door is opened it turns all lights and devices off.

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I have a good morning routine in RM set to fire at 0555. It actually is triggered by the mode change, nut the time. It does all of my wake up stuff, Sets the downstairs temp, turns on lights in the kitchen, my side lamp, a bath room light, and the kids sunrise lights. (Phillips hue lights).

That runs until 0815 when day mode goes into effect. Day mode runs till 1630, then night at 2000, late night at 2200, and sleep mode is triggered manually.

All of the modes run off of times. I change modes 5 times a day based on time. I’ve had 8 failures in 6 weeks… 3 of those in the last 3 days.

Nothing fancy, I just use RM to schedule everything sacs change the modes.

Right now I run Good Morning at 6:05am every day when I am home (this does not run if the house was in away mode all night). This is mostly so I have heat in the morning as I have to run my Nest account in Away all night so my camera runs.

Once it warms up I’ll switch to using the motion sensor in the hallway.

I use IFTTT to link my WiFi scale to SmartThings. Therefore my Good Morning routine runs when I weigh myself,which I always do first thing (well second actually :slight_smile:.)

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Are these triggers working for you still JD?

I feel your exact pain.:sleeping: