Best Practices for a wake up routine to disable smart things home monitor?

At night, the hub is on night mode, and STHM is enabled. In the morning, we’d like it to automatically disable when we are waking up. Currently, we do this by a motion sensor, but if we fail to walk buy it, it will not fire the Good Morning automation. It makes me think: is there a better way?

What are the best practices to run a Good Morning automation? Any thoughts? (no manual options please)

I have a motion sensor on the side of the nightstand facing the bed so it cannot go off accidentally.

I can wave a hand over it either while I’m still in bed or as I’m getting out of bed.

This allows me to change the security system status even if I’m staying in bed, which I might want to do if I have a health aide coming over or even just the dog walker.


I use under mattress sleep sensors combined/modified with various criteria and time of day

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Oh, what is a sleep sensor? A pressure sensor? Can you provide a link on the one you recommend?

These are the ones I use.

I have to tie them into SmartThings via IFTTT but theyre rock solid.

Also side benefit you have an absolutely bulletproof hands off way of triggering your sleep modes.


I use a virtual switch and Alexa. When I tell Alexa “goodnight“, the switch is turned on in ST (this, in turn, controls everything else by changing my location mode.) When I tell Alexa “good morning”, the switch is turned off (which changes my location mode back to Home and triggers other actions.)

I also have the sleep mats @nathancu mentioned and used them for a while. They work great too, as long as you cover all your different scenarios in your automations… like if you have a partner, one of you goes out of town and doesn’t sleep on his/her mat… or if you both happen to sit on your sides of the bed at the same time in the morning to maybe put your socks on… or if you decide to take a nap with the baby in the middle of the afternoon and he/she tends to squirm around a lot (turning lights and tvs off on anyone not napping Lol.) These can all be worked around in your automations, I just found triggering with Alexa simpler for our specific needs.


I use motion sensors as well in the morning, but I also use a virtual switch that is the trigger for an Automation that enables or disables the STHM and all the security cameras via any voice assistant connected to SmartThings, like Alexa, OK Google, and even Samsung’s Hey Bixby. I named the virtual switch ‘Home Security’, so I simply say the voice assistant hot word followed by ‘Turn Off Home Security’ or ‘Turn On Home Security’’.

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I just use multiple motions. Works great!