Tablet for ActionTiles


I need a tablet on the wall for the ActionTiles. But I want the tablet to charge when is on the wall. Like in a dock station. And the tablet to be easy unmount from the wall to use it from the hand.

Is there any tablet optimized like this for Home Automation? Do you have any recommendation?

Thank you.

most folks end up with an Amazon Fire Tablet with a recessed USB Outlet behind. Check the ActionTiles thread for ideas…


Unfortunately this tablet is not shipped in Romania (Europe). Don’t know why.

My suggestion is to use a microusb to wireless charging receiver, mount a wireless charging pad to the wall, install some magnets on the wall, and put some thin steel plates on the back of the tablet. Any tablet that can view a webpage (so any tablet, basically) should work. Get one that has the most current android OS you can, preferably 6.0 or newer.

I use a Dragon Touch S8 tablet because it was cheap, and I didn’t know if I was going to keep it or use something else or whatever. It does the job nicely though. Fully Kiosk browser is basically a must though for auto-wake screen on camera motion.


Following this closely; though I ought to send out a poll to all our Customers, we hate to generate too much email that may be considered SPAM.

I’m certain that the Fire Tablets are the most popular; but there must be a “2nd most popular” one in use, right? :thinking: :confused:.

We’re going to add some analytics to the app (someday…) to get at just the minimal information the browser will reveal about the system it is running on.