Best Prices on Energy-Reading Plugs or Switches

All - I have several Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS units and they were affordable and work great. After installing the whole-house energy meter, I’m on a mission to track and monitor energy usage in my home. Unfortunately, it seems that Aeon Labs has discontinued the above product. Does anyone know of another affordable switch or plug? My target is <$30 each.


Iris wall warts report power , you can get them on sale for $20-$25. 1/2 the price of their older sibling the ST plug.


Also the Aeotec power strips, if you have enough devices you want to monitor in one area. You get 6 monitored (4 switched) outlets for $70-$100 bucks…I have MANY of the Iris outlets now, all three of these devices work very well. Use the $10-$20 HEM v1 for anything 220v.

HEM v1 is ???

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Ah yes, I have one of those, actually. Works great on my washer. :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael - yes, this is the device I have for the whole house. I’m looking for individual devices or plugs at each location so I can understand the energy use per device around my home.

You can use the same unit you are using for whole house on individual circuits in the breaker as well. With a different device handler, you could monitor 2 circuits at once, per device. One clamp on two different hot 110 circuits.

Like @TexAMR said, I have one on my stove, dryer, whole panel, and one on a 110v line that’s split for my freezer. Work for WAY more than just whole panel monitoring.

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Great idea were can i find that custom DHT

I actually haven’t done it yet, just know that others have. It is on my to do list. @michaelahess, do you know the custom DH that splits?

If you’re willing to go with an open box / refurb device, here’s the same Aeon unit you have now: ($19.99)

Otherwise I’d recommend the Iris smart plugs.

Not sure, I think I found it once but never used it. Search hem dht or the model number here in the forums, might come up.

I believe this is the one that I have seen used.

I would give it a try, but unfortunately, I blew up my HEM the other day. Not exactly sure what I did, other than turning the breaker on and off that I had its 110 plug hooked up to.

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Thank you.
I just ordered another and i will give this a try when it gets here.
I do recall seing this dth before but i never did try it because the original worked fine for me at that time.

Ok @johnconstantelo what DTH are you using for Aeon that give max power used? I get current and KWH , not highest reading.

Hi @RLDreams,

It’s one I put together a while back that’s based off of my HEM v1 DH. It also also allows you to tweak reporting parameters, and enable/disable debug mode and disable the on/off switch for when it’s used in applications where you don’t want someone to turn it off.

Good morning :smile:

PSA: This code is configured for 240v per line, for loads like a clothes dryer or HVAC unit. To monitor 120v loads plugged into wall outlets the voltage parameter will need to be changed to “120” in the code.

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You’re referring to DTH from @johnconstantelo?

No it’s regarding post 14 about the HEM and readings from separate clamps.

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