Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter on Sale at BuyDig

BuyDig offers the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter for $19.99. Coupon code “EZWEM5” cuts it to $14.99. With free shipping. This device measures and reports electricity usage.


In for 1. Time to get washer and dryer alerts!

Keep in mind (I didn’t) that to monitor an appliance like a washer or dryer you’ll need to get the clamp around a single conductor of the appliance cord. Putting the clamp around the whole cord won’t detect anything useful.

Yeah, I have plans :smiling_imp:


Do you know if this is version 1 or 2?

I have 2 version 1. If it is a version 2 I might grab it.

It is version 1 (4 AA batteries).

I run my V1 without batteries because it seems that when I install batteries it seems to slow down the transmit rate.

Has anyone else experienced that?

Does the V2 (or later) version ever go on sale? Or can someone suggest a good online source for it, a cursory search has not turned up one for me.

I’ve concluded that I need the bidirectional measurement feature to work well with my solar setup.

I did see it at zwaveproducts dot com for $79.99 a while back but that is the cheapest I’ve seen it that I can recall. The same site sells on Amazon also I believe.

This is the 220V for dryer alerts

Will it show amps as well as kwh? V1


What do you mean this is the 220v?