Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter on Sale at BuyDig

(jkp) #1

BuyDig offers the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Smart Energy Meter for $19.99. Coupon code “EZWEM5” cuts it to $14.99. With free shipping. This device measures and reports electricity usage.

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(Jimmy) #2

In for 1. Time to get washer and dryer alerts!


Keep in mind (I didn’t) that to monitor an appliance like a washer or dryer you’ll need to get the clamp around a single conductor of the appliance cord. Putting the clamp around the whole cord won’t detect anything useful.

(Jimmy) #4

Yeah, I have plans :smiling_imp:

(Brian Spranger) #5

Do you know if this is version 1 or 2?

I have 2 version 1. If it is a version 2 I might grab it.

(Will) #6

It is version 1 (4 AA batteries).

(Brian Spranger) #7

I run my V1 without batteries because it seems that when I install batteries it seems to slow down the transmit rate.

Has anyone else experienced that?

(George) #8

Does the V2 (or later) version ever go on sale? Or can someone suggest a good online source for it, a cursory search has not turned up one for me.

I’ve concluded that I need the bidirectional measurement feature to work well with my solar setup.

(Will) #9

I did see it at zwaveproducts dot com for $79.99 a while back but that is the cheapest I’ve seen it that I can recall. The same site sells on Amazon also I believe.

(Realy Living Dream) #10

This is the 220V for dryer alerts

(Shane) #11

Will it show amps as well as kwh? V1


(Eric) #12

What do you mean this is the 220v?