Aeon Home Energy Meter v1 -- Read Clamps Separately

(Original post updated)

OK, had some time this weekend and was able to finish the code and layout. There are a few tweaks that I am considering, but this is the pretty much done.

Thank you again to everyone for their help, I really appreciate it! :smile:

Is there any chance you’d be willing to assist me with troubleshooting one of these v1 devices?
I have two of them, and I’d like to utilize your device type in order to cover two machines at same time on each one.

The problem is that, even though it paired just fine immediately as the correct device type, it never reports anything.
Then, I unpaired/removed it, and re-paired, and same thing.
Then removed again and paired again and then changed it to your device type via copy/paste in the IDE, but still no love.

Am I missing something about how these are supposed to work?
Power cord connected
No batteries installed
Clamps are each respectively around power cords leading to each of two different devices.
Nothing reported…ever.

Am I doing it wrong? lol

EDIT: I started a support ticket to get some help troubleshooting this v1 HEM not reporting.

Hi sgnihttrams! :smile:

Sorry for the delay in my response, I was offline last week and still catching up on email.

That’s very odd! It sounds like there is a definite issue there. From my experience, after a device is paired, I simply change the device type in the ST IDE and after ~10 seconds or so the UI updates within my ST mobile app. I also am not using batteries.

It sounds like you’re doing it correctly. It’s good that you opened up a support ticket, because I don’t know what else to try based on your experience.

Are you using an Android or iOS mobile device?

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I will just wait to hear from them then, and see what comes of it.
If they can’t figure it out, I will just return the two I got.

Thanks, and I do appreciate your assistance on this. i.e. the feedback regarding my state of doing it is invaluable lol :slight_smile:

I am looking for a DTH to allow me to use each clamp on my Aeon home energy meter to monitor a washer and dryer.

Both are 110, I believe this DTH defaults to 220 on each line.

Is it possible to use this DTH for my purposes or not?


Hi Dana :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the HEM defaults to (I think 120v but not certain) however you can change the ‘assumed voltage’ which the HEM uses for it’s energy calculations. This is specific to v1 as I believe the HEM v2 actually measures the line voltage directly.

When looking at the code on github, line 785 (as of this post) the following configuration value will be found:

 zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 1, size: 2, scaledConfigurationValue: 240).format(),		// assumed voltage

If you change the ‘240’ to ‘120’ (or whatever your actual voltage is) then it should work correctly. However when I was on this learning adventure I do remember the HEM being cranky with it’s settings. So, be sure and validate the calculated wattage with another device to make sure the HEM is accepting the updated voltage setting.

Edit: I’ve updated the main post notating the option for 120v versus 240v.


OK, thanks very much for the info. The device handler is edited and installed, and device updated to new handler.

Here’s the device screen, can you help me decipher what it’s telling me? :slight_smile:

That’s very odd… Did you make any other changes to the code? And is this for the HEM v1?

Yes, HEM v1, and the only change I made was to the 240 -> 120.

If you want I can change it back to 240.

Also, just realized that I didn’t restart the meter (unplug and then plug in again). Do I need to do that when I switch the DTH?

Try that as well as removing and re-adding the device from the hub.

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Thanks, will do.

Just to confirm, the DTH I’m using is called “Aeon HEM Coding.”

Also, on the device handler screen, the the two readings in the bottom row are for the left and right clamps, correct?

The one I use doesn’t report each individually but it doesn’t have a hard coded 120 or 240 scaledconfig either. I wonder if your code is handling this completely differently from jscgs350’s code? I’m using just his one device handler for all my HEMv1’s with both voltages being monitored (more or less) accurately.

Can you change yours to work like his and retain both readings? I like having only one DH per device if possible, less chance of me screwing things up.

If I understand your comment and this DH correctly, it’s not multiple DHes per device. This DH handles both clamps on a single device in one DH.

I have the one DH right now for all my devices, I would like to use this new one for one of the devices. If either DH can be made to have a settable option for one or two clamp monitoring, I’d only need one DH. That’s what I was trying to get at.

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Couple questions on this DH:
-could this be used with one 120v (ex: sump pump) and one 240v (ex: dryer) device?
-could this be used to set a virtual switch indicating when given device is on? Then I could use the switch to notify when dryer is done, or to keep track of how many cycles my sump pump is running per hour.


I think I see what you mean now…
Perhaps it would just (not to suggest it would be easy, since I’m not a coder yet) be a matter of combining the code from both DHes into a single DH, and have a ‘button’ in the device to determine which set of code to use (i.e. whether the DH should act as a single or a double clamp DH).

I’m having the same issue. It’s showing same watt value in the bottom left/right as the total followed by an accurate timestamp.

Have you figured out a resolution?

Spent some time with the code and fixed the issues. I also set up the Line Voltage Value and Line Names as user preferences to avoid multiple handlers for more than one instances of deployment. I think I broke the Cost and kWH tiles but I’ll take a look at those tomorrow.


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Thanks!! Will update and try this today. Very cool to have this so customizable from the app.


Updated to your new version, edited settings to set the voltage and name the clamps, but for some reason the device page isnt updated when I return to it from settings in the app. The two clamp boxes are empty (no name/no usage) and the Total box shows “Total 10 watts.”

Thinking I may have to exclude and re-add the device to clear the cobwebs out.


I excluded the HEM, then added it back to the network and immediately changed the DTH to the updated (Omyn) version. Shut down and restarted ST app, and new DH is active for the device, and I hit Reset and then configured clamp names, voltage to 120, and set reporting to 5s.

The two clamp fields still remain blank (no clamp label or energy reading), total watts shows “Total 10 watts” and doesn’t change when I turn power on/off on the monitored device (washer).

Just for kicks I changed Voltage to 240 for a bit and the watts reading doubled (10 to 20) but nothing else changed, changed back to 120 and went back to 10 watts.

Any idea what’s up? Events log below for device

Hm… not too sure yet. I bought 5 of the power monitors to monitor high usage appliances at the breaker. So far I have 2 configured physical and both are working with the updated code. I also don’t have too much experience (less than 12 hours) programming in smartthings or parsing zwave so I’m kind of winging it there too. It looks like the issue, based on the event log, is it’s not sending the L1 and L2 wattage and if it is, it’s not sending it in an expected format.

Have you let the device sit for a bit in order to catch up with itself? I found sometimes it takes some time for that to occur. Also, try sending a higher load through the wires than 10 watts combined. All of my test lines have >100W loads while testing.

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