Best low glow dimming led 6” retrofit can?

I like to dim my lights low to use as night lights when motion is detected. I had 3000k Feit lights and they worked ok. I found this Philips that works great (is a little warmer 2700k, I prefer 3000k). They dim down to a very low level and turn on quickly at a low level. I am using HomeSeer switches. The only thing I don’t like about the Philips is the mounting style, it uses tabs instead of the spring arms. Does anyone know of cans that will dim like the Philips but use spring arms?

Philips LED Downlight 5/6 Inch 2700 Kelvin with Warm Glow Dimming

I’m using the Nora Lighting retrofit can for a similar application and have been happy with them. I set the dim level to 1% when motion is detected at night and 100% when the switch button is pushed.