Dimming LED's - The Glow

While this is more of a general LED bulb question, I figure it would be interesting to see findings here.

My wife is fine with LED bulbs, EXCEPT for when they dim. I have been able to achieve the appropriate level of dimming using good dimmers, BUT the bulbs never get the yellow/orange glow at super low levels that incandescent bulbs get.

Is there any way to achieve this glow using colored LED bulbs or any other way?

Phillips War Glow bulbs do this. They actually have two different color LEDs in them and go from 2200 to 2700 kelvin by changing/blending the LEDs. I have lots of them on dimmers and they really do look like incandescents.

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Like these?


I was gonna try this:

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Yes however they are about $5 each at Home Depot.

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Megaman’s “Dim to Warm” range of bulbs is specifically designed to do this.

They don’t appear to make regular style bulbs though (A19)

The Sengled Element touch does this as you dim it, I have one and it works pretty well.


I got it for $7, might be hard to find that price anymore though.