Best integrated siren/horn? (2019)

I am looking to buy a siren that will alert when doors open or when home is set to away and a door is opened, the siren will go off, so looking for multiple different noise options. I have been looking at the Dome siren, but curious if anyone has any additional ideas?

There are about a half dozen on the official compatibility list. They’re all good, they just have slightly different features and price points.

I think the first question is always do you want mains powered or battery operated?

After that, some people want a strobe light as well as a siren, and some just want the siren.

The dome is a popular mid range battery-operated siren. The Fortrezz is probably the most popular one that also has a full-size strobe light. It is Mains powered with a back up battery.

If you want the newest tech and you’re willing to look at something not yet on the official list, Zooz has a new S2 z wave speaker/siren with a bunch of extra features, including a separate speaker that allows you to play your own files, a humidity sensor, temperature sensor, lots of (literally) bells and whistles. :wink: runs around $45, which is more than most of the other ones, but it does more. However, the tech is so new that some of the features are not supported by older hubs, including smartthings, so check with their tech-support if there’s a particular feature you’re interested in to make sure it will work for you.

Zooz is the house brand for they have a staff member who is active in this forum if you have any questions.

They also carry a number of the other sirens if you want to compare.


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You can take advantage of the custom notification option on SmartThings with a custom handler installed, here are step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish that:

The siren mode has only one track available but notifications from the speaker are multiple to choose from and you can also upload your own as described here:

So if you’re looking for multiple preset siren alarm sounds to choose from, the Dome may be better. If you’d like to have your own files played based on different triggers, then the ZSE19 from Zooz is what you need.

Good luck with the project!

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Do you have an extra smart plug laying around not in use? Here’s what I did… Buy a 30w 120 db (aka LOUD) 12vdc siren on Amazon and a power supply. Wire it, plug it in, automate the smart plug to set it off any way you see fit. I mounted mine in the attic. The neighbors hear it when it goes off! lol
Here’s the siren and power supply on amazon…

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I went with the Zooz and for the life of me I can’t get the custom device handler to work. I guess I’ve been away from computer technology too long and just having trouble figuring it out. I really love the siren but hate to pay for something I can’t get all of its functions to work.

Zooz is the house brand for TheSmartestHouse. They have an excellent customer service department and should be able to help you.

If you need help understanding the concepts of what you’re going to do, check the community FAQ here:

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Now that everyone is forced to use the new SmartThings app, there aren’t as many Smarthings compatible sirens. I recently went through and researched a bunch of options. You can read my full breakdown here:

For those of you that don’t want to read it, the Aetec Siren 6 is the most expensive but most customizable (requires device handler).

If you want custom audio, go with the Zooz Multisiren (also requires device handler)

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