Zwave siren

Any recommendation for both an indoor and exterior Zwave siren that work well with SmartThings ?

For the US? There hasn’t been much new in this category in the last few years except the addition of S2 security to some zwave models.

The list that shows up in the smartthings app includes all the most popular models, I believe.

A lot of these are out of stock most places right now because of supply chain issues. You can still get the Dome siren at Ring which is a good basic zwave Siren if it’s out of stock elsewhere.

The EzLo shop (they are the company that bought vera) has quite a few Z wave sirens in stock, including Zooz, Aeotec, and Philio. Prices are higher than other places because they include their tiny hub in the purchase, which you won’t need, so I don’t know if you’re interested in that or not.

I forgot To mention that for outdoor use, sometimes the easiest thing is to find a weatherproof dumb siren that will sound when power is turned on and then just plug it into a smart plug or wire to a smart switch that is inside the house.