Siren Suggestions 2020

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a Siren that works with the new Smartthings app. I discovered that my insurance will drop if I have one, but have also read a few issues with sirens that don’t work natively with the new Smarthings app.


You didn’t say what country you are in, and the device selection does vary somewhat.

If you are in the US, any of the sirens on the official compatibility list should work at least for on/off, although advanced features might not be available.

The Zooz multi siren should work For most features since That’s the House brand for the smartest house, and they have been very good about updating their DTHs for the new app. But you may want to check with them to be sure. :sunglasses:


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Ok thanks. I’m from Canada, so hopefully all of them on the supported list should function as expected. The Zooz one does looks good, but I am not sure about that 4 x C batteries. The Fortrezz looks ideal since it plugs in and has a 9v backup…but doesn’t look like it is available anywhere.

Fortrezz was purchased by another company last year, I don’t think they’re doing individual sales anymore.

You can use dummy batteries for most standard barrel type battery sizes. These used to be popular for game controllers so people knew they would never run out of juice. But they work for other applications as well. :sunglasses:

Here is one of the better known USA made sources, but you can find other brands as well:

Just don’t buy some random version off of eBay or someplace, there can be fire safety issues with these if you don’t get a quality brand. :wink:

I have an Aeotec Siren (Gen 5) and the newer Aeotec Siren 6. They both plug into A/C and have a rechargeable lithium battery backups. I’m pretty sure the are native to the new App.

They have worked great for me.

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Yes, all of the current Zooz products are supported in the new app, including the ZSE19 with or without the custom device handler.


ok great thanks!