Best HUB available to work with Trane ComfortLink II?

Okay I am not sure if this is the right category for this question.

I thought I had a Comfort Link II with a B.O.B. on it. Currently I am running it through Nexia but with no bridge. My initial plan was to use the thermostat as the hub and run everything through Nexia. I just found out that the Comfort Link II XL950 does not have a B.O.B. so that means I need to get a hub to run everything that I am planning. (thermostat, lights, Garage Door opener, blinds etc.) So here is my question to everyone. Which is the best option for a HUB. I am looking for non-biase experiences. I’ve tried Wink and it is crap so now am I better off with a Nexia Bridge, ST or Homeseer.


  1. Nexia Bridge
  2. ST
  3. Homeseer

any help would be greatly appreciated since I am starting from scratch.

There are 4 ComfortLink Models. Three are wifi only, not Zwave. Only the 624 is zwave.

The wifi models don’t appear to have an open API. Hopefully someone will post here if they have those working with SmartThings, but I haven’t seen anyone that has.

As far as I know, the only hub that works with it is the official integration with Nexia. If you hear of something else let us know.

if I am going to start from scratch though out of the 3 listed which would be the easiest to start with. I am new to this so I am looking for a system that I can expand as I get more advanced but yet one that is easy to use for other family members (Plug and play)

So I have just gotten into ST. Was using Wink before and threw that crap away. I have about 20 devices so far and slowly building things in. With Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Smarttiles on ST it is becoming very wife approved. Just put an old iPad upstairs and gave her the command sheet for Alexa. She is loving it. I briefly looked at the others, but went ST due to the user community and addons.

So far I have just lights. Adding door sensors/garage openers and home theater stuff next.

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Well did some looking and while Homeseer and 4connect ranked higher I dismissed them for the cost of the systems and really the lack of ability. That left Nexia and ST. Decided to go with ST since it has more compatible items. Also there is no monthly fee that Nexia charges.

SO please be warned and bear with me because when it arrives and I hook it up I am going to be coming back here again and again with a lot of really dumb and boy I mean dumb questions.

Congratulations. The forums are key to being successful!
The only dumb question is the question that wasn’t searched for first :smile:

OK, but as I noted in my post above, the comfortlink 950 model does not work with SmartThings. In fact I’m not sure even the 624 model works with SmartThings but the 624 is the only one that might work.

So I’m not sure what you’re expecting to do with SmartThings at this point.

@JDRoberts I’ve given up on trying to integrate the Trane XL950 into a system and decided not to go with the Nexia bridge due to ongoing cost of their platform and lack of compatible items.

Instead I’m going to run the furnace, AC and humidifier system with the nexia since it is already running and set up. But all other automation from this point forward will be done through ST. So lighting, blinds, access etc will be done with ST. Granted it means running 2 systems/apps but I can live with that.

My new Trane HVAC system came with XL 824 thermostats. I would love to control them with my ST Hub, but, that is simply not going to happen (as far as I can tell noone has hacked them and they only work via Nexia’s home automation offering).

The news that does not suck (it’s relative), is that as long as I do not add any other zwave devices to my Nexia account, I can control all of my thermostats for free (read the fine print on the back of the 2x3 Nexia setup card that comes with your thermostat). And, I have not intentions of adding anything to that account that would cause them to start charging me $10/month.

Also, their iPhone app is not horrible…


Ha, I thought I was the only fool in the world with the Trane CL XL950.

Anyways, I was told i had one of these fancy communicating Trane heat pump that works best with a Trane T-stat.

What they don’t tell you is that it is a closed black box system & well - Trane is in the business of making HVAC equipment NOT programming smart t-stats.

So the “coolest” thing I can do is control my Trane remotely via the aforementioned Nexia app.
But if I add any other smart home device, they charge me @ least $10 a month.
So off to SmartThings I went to do other smart home things with no subscriptions.

Finally, if you have your HVAC optimized by a pro, you really don’t need to do anything with it remotely unless there is an emergency or you are too lazy to get up from bed at night! LOL!

There should be very little reasons to fiddle with your HVAC esp. if you have a Smart T-Stat and pro -set up.

Here is the funny thing for everyone, a few years back Disney Epcot center opened an Innovations Smart Home which featured Nexia Tstats and other Zwave devices interfacing with an AMX home automation control system. So it is capable, but I cannot get anyone from Nexia, AMX, or Disney Imagineering Department to give me any help in doing so. Here is the link:

Wondering if anyone been able to make the XL824 work with the Samsung Smart Hub. Been checking it out different hubs and doing want to buy the nexia hub as well.

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is there any way to integrate Trane XL850 with almont z-wave bridg or samsung connect home with out nexia account ?

So it looks like Nexia and thermostats connected to a Nexia account are working with Amazon Echo - so I would assume that it’s just a matter of time until they will work with Google Home Assistant.