Best Garage Door solution?

So I have read through threads and seen MyQ, tilt/motion sensors, etc. What I am wondering, is what do people recommend as the easiest way to put some home automation into the garage door? My current model is some form of wayne dalton that is not a smart one. I have a three car garage (e.g. two doors) so i am assuming I would have to duplicate whatever i do? Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome. I dont necessarily need to have it open from presence but more wanted to use it as that oh Sh*t moment when I can’t remember if i closed it when i left and be able to control it from ST and close it if necessary.

Really it depends on your opener. I recently had to get a new opener and found that many of the newer ones come with MyQ. What I didn’t expect is that they’d also no longer support a simple relay from activating them. So pretty sure I have to use MyQ. It’s been ok, Honestly I preferred the multi/tilt and relay solution. One less cloud in the mix. I think I’ll end up with hybrid approach. I still use the multi for status but MyQ device for opening/closing. That way if something is going on with MyQ cloud but SmartThings is ok, I can at least trust multi for status and decide if need to go home or call neighbor and ask them to close it.

The Linear GD00Z and it’s rebranded variants are very popular. They allow you to use it with most existing garage door openers and has the tilt-sensor included. With this model you don’t have to pair the tilt-sensor separately as it’s connected directly to the unit and reports it’s status as an output of the base unit.

see this thread for a great guide: N00bs guide to ST & GD00Z (Garage Door Controller)

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Yeah GD00Z looks nice as an all in one solution but it has similar limits to LFM-20. Basically if your opener has the Security+ 2.0 encryption then using a a standard relay device connected to the opener won’t work. You could of course go the route of hooking relay up to the remote/wall control itself if you really want to avoid the MyQ cloud, but hasn’t been that big of a deal for me.

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Is myq stand alone? I need to find out if my garage is security 2.0+. I hope that is easier to figure out. My opener is only 5yrs old so it might be