Best edge driver for Aqara WXKG11LM button?

I have a few old aqara buttons (WXKG11LM) that work, but I can only set routines based off of a single button press. That is, I can’t seem to detect double-press, multiple-press or holds, like I could when I used webcore pistons.

Can anyone suggest the best edge driver for me to be using to get the most out of these reliable little buttons?

This is the driver I am using.

Does it support button hold, or multi-press?

Yes it does

I don’t think presses 3, 4, or 5 work.


Could you point me to a page where I could install those edge drivers from?


Does the battery status work for you? It doesn’t show me the percentage.

It can take hours before battery levels start showing.

For example I just added a motion sensor and it took nearly 24 hrs. for the battery levels to appear


Ah, okay. I recently added the button, so I will wait. Thanks!

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