Xiaomi Button

Where do I find an edge driver for Xiaomi


In case other people are looking for this. I am documenting the steps so you don’t need to do a lot of readings. You should still read up if you wonder why your button stopped working (like mine)

Head over to [Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes and you will find a link to github. The line below is the channel invitation link.

  1. Click on that link and it will bring you to SmartThings.
  2. Sign in with your account. Accept the invitation.
  3. Enroll your home hub
  4. After enrolled, you can click on “Available Drivers”
  5. Look for “Xiaomi/Aqara Switch and Button” and click “Install”
  6. Go to your SmartThings App. Click on the Xiaomi Button. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and select “Driver”
  7. Click on “Select different driver”
  8. You should now see the “Xiaomi/Aqara Switch and Button”, select it.
  9. Wait a couple of minutes for the driver to be active
  10. I can then see that the button status getting updated. For me, I also need to “Automations” and reenable my Routines, this depends on how you setup the button.
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