Best DTH for Hue bulbs?

I’ve got a bunch of Sylvania bulbs all running the DTH from [UPDATED] Osram Lightify RGBW A19/BR30 US version (HA) DTH and I’m very happy with it. I’ve actually found the same works on my Hue bulbs but the colors seem very different. What’s the best Device Type Handler for Hue bulbs?

If it matters I run zero OEM lighting hubs (so my bulbs run direct from ST).

If I understand your post correctly, you have the Hue bulbs joined directly to the SmartThings hub, no hue bridge, correct?

Osram and Hue do use different color encoding, which is why you generally need a brand specific DTH.

It’s going to depend in part on the exact model of the Hue Bulbs, as the ones that have color temperature but no RGB are different than the ones that are RGB W.

Check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, and look in the DTH section for the lighting list. There’s at least one hue DTH on there for directly – connected RGBW bulbs. :sunglasses:

Correct - joined directly to ST, no Hue bridge.

I’ve got mostly BR30 RGBW bulbs (and those are all I care about - the other Hues are going to a buddy).

I checked the Wiki and didn’t find anything, hence this post (I always Google and try to RTFM first), so I greatly appreciate the link for inept lookers like myself. :slight_smile:

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Contributed code is particularly difficult to find because the built-in search for the forums just isn’t adequate for finding those threads.

That’s why we added the quick browse lists to the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

The quick browse lists are divided into three sections: smart apps, device type handlers, and project reports. And then within each section, there are lists divided by device class. We also remove threads which have been deprecated, so it’s hopefully just the current threads.

So if you’re looking for device type handlers for a specific device (in this case hue bulbs), or smart apps for a particular function such as voice control, or projects for a particular kind of use case like baby/nursery projects, The quick browse lists will usually be the fastest way to find relevant threads. :sunglasses:

Um, this is probably the best community (people, participation) I’ve ever found on the Internet - seriously it’s awesome. This also has arguably the worst (technically speaking) search I’ve ever seen. Stop trying to trap my Cmd+F and let me use my browser plus google… seriously just kill the native search entirely WTF is it doing anyway? Ugh.


Meta comments about the forum, such as search technology suggestions, can be posted in the meta section, but they don’t seem inclined to add/change forum features. Feel free to make the suggestion, though. :sunglasses: