Philips Hue Colour and White Ambience bulb - best handler

Hi All,

Just installed the Philips Hue Colour bulb into DD bedroom and ended up using the Zigbee RGBW type for the device so that i can change the colour etc.

Is this the best type or should i have used another?


Why did you choose generic zigbee bulb device type and not the Hue bulb device type ?

I don’t have a hue bridge and also when I tried that it did not communicate with the bulb at all- nothing worked.

Now it appears that nothing is working after messing around with the device handlers and think I need to reset the bulbs - grrrr

I assumed that you did not have a Hue Bridge, since you were asking about ST Device types. There is a Hue device type for Hue bubs connected directly to ST.

thanks @RLDreams - i tried them all but for some reason they are no working…

when i started not long ago, i used the GE Link Bulb for a normal Hue v2 White Bulb and ti worked flawlessy.

I will try the others but i have noticed that with the Hue Blue and LAN Hue Bulb types they seem not to control the bulb

thanks for the advise and support :smiley:

LAN DTH will not work without the Hue Bridge and SLC app.

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ok thanks…

I added Hue white and color ambiance lights without a hub tonight and can verify that NONE of the Hue handlers work without the Hue hub. I even emailed SmartThings support and they confirmed that the handlers are not supported without the Hue hub. On a positive note, the Zigbee RGBW bulb handler works just fine. I do like the layout and function as it appears in the Hue handler, but for what I’m doing the generic Zigbee handler will work just fine.