Osram RGBW flex strip loop DTH?

Hello there! First time post here. I’m a newb on device handlers. I read somewhere that there was a Osram RGBW device handler to loop colors template. I went into my device handlers then created a new device handler and went into “From Template”, I see a template for Zigbee RGBW Bulb (which has the Osram flex strip fingerprint) so I selected that and then created that but I get the following error message:

Org.springframework.security.access.AccessDeniedException: Run Locally Permission not allowed for DeviceType: 5bdd9be3-2fc4-4aa3-b88f-98905fc4652b

Not exactly sure what the means…

This is the DTH ( I believe) that has the blink/colorloop functions.
You DO NOT create type via template, that is if you are creating your own custom DTH. You click on “From Code” and copy/paste the raw code from GitHub.

I did see this and created it and then I added this as a virtual device. But then I couldn’t do anything to it. So I wasn’t sure if that was a working code or not. Am I able to add this to a virtual device to test with?

You don’t create a virtual device. You add this to your device types, save, publish for me. Then go to your devices in IDE, find your Osram bulbs and select them. Then scroll to the bottom and click edit. Go to where is says Type, open the dropdown and change it to the new device type Osram RGBW. It will be at the bottom of the list in drop down.

got it. thanks! I just wanted to see if I could just create a virtual switch to play around with instead of applying it directly to my flex strip first. but it’s simple enough to switch back to the original device type.

I switch mine back and forth on a regular basis, since the ZigBee RBW DT runs local and this one runs on the cloud. So if I want colorloop/ flashing etc I just change DT and when I am done pissing of the neighbors I switch them all back to local running default DT

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