Best camera dejour? SmartThings Cam experiences? (August 2019)

Frequent question, but no “recent” answers so I thought I’d reask.

Looking for inexpensive camera that works w/ST.

Basic requirements

  • Trigger recording from ST events
  • Live view available
  • ST classic app support
  • Community based DTHs OK, no subscription 3rd party ones
  • No/low subscription for video recordings (24hr “only” free is OK, i.e. similar to Amazon’s)

Nice to haves:

  • Trigger from WebCore pistons
  • Store to local NAS

The new Samsung Camera looks interesting, but limited reviews and it seems to NOT work with the classic app. (Last I checked the new app still lacked many basic features the classic has, so I have avoided upgrading… is it possible to use “both” concurrently?)

ArloQ looks like a possible choice, but its a bit pricier than I’d like to go.

Currently I use a DLink but it is not well integrated w/ST, even with using the DLINK community generated DTH. If I get a motion alert via ST, I need to browse the timestamped videos on my drive to find what caused it… kinda primitive;-).


Yes, you can use both apps.

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I bought a Dlink because it was integrated and then few years after, Samsung integration helping, Dlink is no longer supported despite the custom DTH some heros wrote.
When my alarm rings, I have 0 clip to check

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor application?

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using [RELEASE] Smart Security Camera SmartApp - Now with Local Video Recording Support! and a few tweeks (for my non dlink) to my device handler mine take a burst of photos when can be viewed in the smartthings app
[RELEASE] D-Link Camera Manager (Connect) - Add your D-Link IP Cameras to SmartThings! Video Streaming, Image Capture, Motion Detection and more

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Indoor application

Update… so I deinstalled/reinstalled the DLink Camera Manager, now seems to be working for me. I also installed the Smart Security Camera SmartApp (thanks for that tip!) and it seems to have the potential to keep me happy with current Dlink camera for awhile. Not yet getting recordings triggered as expected, but I’ll take that up in the appropriate thread.

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