D-Link integration with Smartthings


I’m new here and am wondering if there’s a way to better integrate my D-Link Cameras to my Smartthings. Right now I have the D-Link app and am operating my cameras outside of ST. One of my cameras is integrated with ST while the other is not. I found that when I linked the camera with ST it stopped working on the D-Link App, and the same thing the other way around. Is there any way to integrate the two so that when my D-Link App sends me a push notification it somehow initiates my alarm system or anything on ST? Thanks for the help.

What models of D-Link?

This would be the recommended starting point.

Once you click on Marketplace, you should have 2 tabs for Things and SmartApps. You’ll want to be on the SmartApps tab (either swipe over to it or press on SmartApps).

My Apps will be at the bottom of the list and have a + before it

Got 'er done. Thanks!