Best Air Quality Sensor and Door Lock

I’m trying to research the best options for two things:

  1. An air quality (CO, CO2, humidity, etc.) sensor(s)
  2. A good door look that I can unlock with a presence sensor.

I’ve looked at Netamo for the air quality stuff, but I read some mixed reviews on it. I also wasn’t sure if it integrated with ST. Also, if I need to get a separate humidity and CO sensor, I could certainly understand that. I just read a few posts that made me think there might be a combined sensor out there somewhere.

For the lock, I’m looking at a Kwikset 912 SmartCode® Electronic Deadbolt, but again, I know others on here have more experience with this tech.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Netatmo hands down :smile: (Doesn’t do CO, but you can get a CO/Smoke detector for that STs sells them)

I’m a fan of Schlage. But thats my personal preference. Others here may feel differently.

For the CO ->First Alert ZCOMBO (Smoke/CO combination) sold by ST and a lowley store near you. :wink:

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Does anyone has experience with the locks from Yale Security?

I have 3 of the Schlage deadbolts and I really like them. The battery life is great, mine are all still at 98-99%. They also have a built-in alarm if someone tampers with or kicks your door. My only complaint is that it gives you a green check mark if you push the right digits while entering your code. I’d prefer it not give any clues until you enter the full 4-8 digits.

Yes, I have that lock but without the keyhole on it. I’m pretty picky with my locks and security devices so I tried about 4 different electronic locks. It’s hefty and well built and works like it should. The Z-wave module can be taken out or pushed into the circuit board very easily through the battery compartment. I don’t have mine hooked up to smartthings because I chose to purchase mine without the Z-Wave module. I don’t really need my lock hooked up to the internet but you can always add it on later and I’m pretty sure it pairs very easily with smartthings. Without the Z-wave module you can have it lock the door automatically after a certain amount of time and register and unregister codes right through the touch screen on the lock itself.