Air quality detector with all these features?

Hi there,

For my next project, I’m looking for a good home use / hand-held air quality sensor unit that includes the following detections:

*PM1.0, 2.5, 10

IFTTT compatibility and historical data and/or app would be nice too but not necessary.
I cannot seem to find one that has all of these features. Any recommendations?

Thank you.


You wrote “CO” (which is toxic), not “CO2” (which is a common measure of air quality).

Most air quality sensors used in home automation measure VOCs (with formaldehyde included in that group) and CO2, but leave CO and NO2 (also toxic) to security alarms which will sound a siren for immediate evacuation.

I haven’t seen anything inexpensive with all the measurements you listed, only some for commercial use.

Also, you may already know this, but this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform, so all the questions and answers are assumed to be in that context. It’s very active, so it often comes up near the top of google home automation searches, but it is not a general automation forum.

There are a couple of air quality monitors which integrate with SmartThings, but I don’t know of anything handheld. And again, the toxic alerts are usually handled by different devices than the “air quality“ sensors.

Hopefully someone else will know of something, but you might also want to try asking in a brand agnostic forum, like reddit.

Also, you should specify what country you are in, as the device selection does vary quite a bit.

The best air quality monitors on the market are made by awair, a south korean company.

Awair is good and does have a smartthings integration. But it’s not handheld or battery operated. And it doesn’t report all of the items that the OP listed.

It doesn’t report CO, or NO2, or ozone, and it only reports particles at the 2.5 level. So it’s just not a match.

It’s a very good example of the kind of Home Automation “air quality“ device I mentioned, but it doesn’t have everything on the requested list.

There is no device that meets everything the OP requested, the handheld battery ones exist but they generally don’t have co or o3


Try this DTH I am still working on it to get data from stations through its API and other sources.

You can pharse data to the tile with WEBCORE, use a piston like this (in this case the info goes to two different DTHs, the second one is the linked above):

To get the aquicn API go to: