Ben Edwards Interview for SamsungTomorrow

You guys do know that about half my stats come from the text reader reading on while I’m asleep in the chair, right? LOL! :wink:


There’s always room for more badges. Thanks! :wink:

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Good luck/congrats @JDRoberts?! He’s basically a member of the SmartThings Team by proxy already but for it to be made official would make my day, I’m not going to say no one else is more deserving because we have some amazingly talented and generous people here but I believe everyone would agree that JD is very deserving of recognition!


I’m honored at the thought, but can’t physically do the work. wish I could.

I don’t really like to talk about this stuff too much, so I’ll leave it at that. Well, I’ll say one more thing. The illness that I have is progressive and degenerative. It’s not the kind of thing you push through or do extra exercise to strengthen unaffected systems. You just try to make what you have last as long as you can. Every day the list of things I wanted to get done and didn’t gets longer. It is what it is.

I’d rather not think about it. All you can do is play the cards you’re dealt.

So enough on that topic, already! Ben’s going to have to score community points some other way. LOL! :wink:


Regardless JD, know that however helpless you may or may not feel, I want you know how much help you give others already and how grateful they are to you. There are people who may be in better health than you but could only hope to be half as awesome as you are.

I don’t think I could ever return the favour as much as you have already given us but if there is anything I can do, please please let me know. I realise you don’t like to talk about it and I respect that so I’ll shut up now but feel free to PM if you need anything.


Want to do me a favor? Pay it forward. :sunglasses:

Grab any one of my FAQs from the forums that aren’t already in the community created wiki and put it there. Cut-and-paste is really hard for me, so I’ve hardly moved anything over. And I’d love to see that stuff in the wiki.

Or just add your own topics. There some great stuff in the wiki but the more the merrier. Even just documenting a single device would help. There are templates for things like devices and known problems so you could just start with one of those. :sunglasses:


Sounds like a plan! I shall have a look for you!


Badges mean nothing. Only us with our profile pic on the front page of the community are cool.

@pstuart @jody.albritton @obycode @tgauchat @bravenel

I recognize a few of the other but don’t know their names.


I see more than that! @allison @baldeagle072 @chevyman142000 @copyninja @docwisdom @jensed @jmay33 @Joshua_Lyon @schettj



Oh shoot I forgot to mention @smart and @joshua_lyon I knew those two… Hard to keep up with @smart’s pic changes.


Oh crap, when did I make that page? Awesome that it was my profile pic from when I worked at Microsoft :smile:

Been busy with a new job (sadly NOT at SmartThings) so my contributions are down, but I am here in spirit (and dealing with the gremlins still in my own install, which has been mostly sane but still occasionally non-deterministic still…)


I can only put 10 names in a post, but I also see @brianlees @btk @JerseyTechGuy @kirsten27 @nelemansc @jim_lewallen @sudarkoff @yvesracine @viguera … And is that @chrisb near the top , it’s hard to read.


Yes, I can see only part of myself,… I wish that they could use the square version of the community picture where you can see my full face instead of only part of it. There are others in the same situation.

The square picture was taken from a Keen Home Article:

Oh well, it looks like we are on the fringe of the Community… :smirk:



The tiny version of @mattjfrank looks like an ewok. Now you can’t unsee it.

And @scottinpollock looks like he is actually portraying the frustration thread! :wink:

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I feel like I’m late to the party…again…

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Naah! We represent Jersey! :slight_smile:

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…and are nothing like this idiots in Jersey Shore, even though I’m at the shore almost every weekend over the summer. And yes, everyone, we do call it the shore because, ya know, it’s a shore.

There is a lot of drinking and eating when we are down, though…


I never say down the shore… I feel like an outcast…