Ben Edwards Interview for SamsungTomorrow

Well, Ben still hasn’t given me my badges, but at least I made the collage!


And in the edges: @kevintierney @essidle @mrJARichard @danroot @fulwave

You never know with cartoons, but could be @dattas

Stats are all well and good, but collecting “likes” is more interesting when you equate it to stamp collecting…you can go for sheer numbers if you want, or…

In the Developers series I’ve got:

  • Geko
  • Obycode
  • 625alex
  • tslagle13 <— a hard one to get now that he’s moved to the SmartThings team :wink:
  • scottinpollock
  • bravenel
  • tgauchat

In the SmartThings series I’ve got:

  • April
  • Jim
  • Tyler
  • slagle
  • Ben
  • steriana
  • beckje01
  • Aaron <-- Woot! Just picked up this one on this post (see below :smile:)

…but I’m still hunting for that elusive Alex like.
(If anybody has a spare Alex, I can trade an April, a Ben and a Tyler).


Yep, I didn’t even realize it until @yvesracine posted the square pic

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4 by 4 is yours truly! :wink:

What about the Animal Series?

I’ve got:

  • tgauchat
  • gillSpie
  • tslagle13
  • btk
  • mattjfrank
  • RLDreams
  • AndyRawson
  • dfairbro1
  • NoMoreClaymores

Also in the very edge (upper right), and feeling very left out until the square pic came out, my old avatar…

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I also have:

  • falcogeorge
  • slagle
  • chrisb
  • d2htornado
  • AndyRawson ← See below… :wink:

…but only one of each, so can’t do any trades, sorry :disappointed:


Thanks guys for ignoring your poor sick bedrridden buddy! :frowning: my heart is broken! I always miss @April to unbreak it for me! :frowning:


You got

@baldeagle072 ?

@jody.albritton is my only friend!

There you go @chuckles :smile:

Thanks - already updated the list :grin:

And @chuckles is stingy with those likes. Only 14 given out ever.

I listed you in post 30.

The others they’re talking about are either developers, staff, or have animal pictures for their avatar. I’m not in any of those groups either. :sunglasses:

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You are the bestest! This is the class of 2014 I guess!

Who is 5 by 4? The dignified lady!

And YOU got FIVE of them!

I do tend to reply/post rather than hit the “Like” button - something I’m endeavouring to correct…

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Change your avatar to a tiger and they’ll all want you! LOL!

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I wasn’t gonna brag. @chuckles likes are valued based on scarcity. It’s like I have a third of all of the bit coins in existence.

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