Definitive way to get device handler to update in new app?

I’m pulling what little hair I have left out as I’m trying to update a device handler, but the changes are not picking up in the new app. I’ve tried changing the device to a different DH, force stopping the app and then changing it back, but that doesn’t seem to help. No amount of updating from github and publishing seems to update it.

Is there a definitive process for making this work?

What type of device? Brand/model? What device handler are you using… from a developer on here or your own?

It’s my own. I’ve done it many times before and typically just changing the devices’ DH to another and then back, coupled with a force-stop of the app typically works, but for the last few days, it hasn’t. I’ve removed whole capabilities that are still showing up.

For example, here’s one I’m working on now.

It used to have the switch capability because Alexa would not pull it in as a device if it only had temperature capability. I also had a ofcDeviceType of plug which was messing with the display in the new app. I’ve removed the switch capability and fixed the VID/ofcDeviceType, but in the new app, it still shows the switch stuff which was removed.

However, if I copy and paste the code from github in a whole new device handler (modifying the name slightly) and switch my device to it the extraneous capabilities go away. That tells me there’s nothing wrong with the code in github.

**Edit to clarify

Yes, I’m updating the repo in the IDE and ticking the “publish” checkbox.

That is the only known way… Unfortunately.

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