Battery Status Not Updating

Hey there…hoping someone can help. I have a daily routing setup through WebCoRE to monitor battery levels. I have a few devices that aren’t reporting consistently. I’ve tried to do a call to make the device active hoping it would update the battery level, but it doesn’t. In the native app (Not SmartThings…the device has an iOS app as well) it reports the correct battery level, but for some reason that doesn’t make it to SmartThings consistently.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

What devices? Any made by Aeon by any chance?

Nope. Arlo Pro cameras mostly. They seem to update when I switch the DH to the “Arlo” (non-Pro). Hmmmmm…

Same issue for me. I can get them to update if i turn the camera on in the ST app briefly but they wont update on their own.