Battery notifications going nuts

I’m getting endless battery notifications saying all of my devices have 0%. Did something change today?

Ya. All your batteries ran out.

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Okay okay okay. Not seeing this here. Try resetting a device / and or your hub. Turn it off for 15 min, turn off a device for 15 as well. See what happens.

Not sure if that is sound, but I would do it.

I’m getting the same thing. Most of them have already returned to their normal state/level. Can you say, glitch?

Someone sucked up the battery juices! I just got one

Add me to the list. Battery notice that it’s dead 0% but the device is working fine

Oh, today is the rollout of the holy grail… or grails…

Maybe you guys were the canary’s.

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I got a 0% battery alert for my Nyce Door Hinge that I just installed last week. Now it’s back to 87%.

It’s been about an hour since I got a notification. Maybe someone had to roll back something out of the production system.

I got notifications on three devices within 90 minutes.

It’s possible it’s this:

Rolled out then backed out. But, if so, I have to say I think it’s asinine that @bridaus is not on the canary server. There is, in fact, no better candidate.


Guess I’m a canary as well. Had like 3 or 4 devices report 0 battery. And they were not the same make, some ST, some Iris that sent a push notification of 0%. yay.

Sad part is I ran around and changed batteries in a couple before all hell broke loose

I was at work so I didnt get a chance. I was thinking, well dang i know that motion sensor is the oldest ST one I have, but man it shouldnt be dead yet. My oldest sensor, a ST multisensor is going on like 14 months old on the stock battery. Now my aeon gen5 motion has eat batteries. Then when my newest iris open/close sensor said 0, i was like, yup bug from something.

The canary servers were spun up and spun down when . we saw the problems. It’s very unlikely that it affected people. If it did, things are back to how they were before we did the canary rollout.

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I had one do it… I tapped refresh… It went back to 77%… All is good… All is well… Back to 99% reliability… @JDRoberts @JH1. I’ve decided to measure reliability in seconds… My system ROCKS!


So when it takes 9 minutes to execute a command, that’s 540% reliability?

I believe that logic follows your patterns of the past.

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I get no notifications when the battery is dead in my SmartThing motion and multi sensors. I’m assuming this is supposed to happen out of the box with no configuration necessary. Is that right?