Bathroom Fan with Aeotec Multi Sensor: Start Fan Based on Humidity?

Hello ST Community,

I have installed a “dumb” bathroom fan connected to a Fibaro Singe Switch. My bathroom also has an Aeotec Multisensor 6 which also measures humidity.

I am trying to set up the fan to auto start when humidity exceeds 75% and auto stop when it falls below 70%. I assumed that I can use the Smart Lighting app to do this but there is no humidity trigger (unless i am missing something).

Any ideas?

There are a couple SmartApps out there, but I wrote my own to do almost what you want. Mine sets a threshold, and if goes above that it turns on the fan, and then off when it goes below. You’re more than welcome to give it a try. It’s a parent/child SmartApp, meaning to create both in the IDE but only publish the parent app. Once set up, it looks like this:

Parent app showing all the Child apps:

Configuring the app:

Here’s the code if you want to give it a try:

Parent (Publish this one)



You could also do this very easily with two IFTTT applets, one to turn on and one to turn off, since humidity is one of the available triggers.


it is an app named “smart humidifier” under “climate control” in samsung apps.


@IGI thanks! that was easy :slight_smile:


@IGI Regarding configuation, I only want the fan to trigger if humidity is over 70%. I dont want it to trigger if hubidity is low, but the app will not let me leave it blank. Should i just put “when the humidity drops below: (percentage)” set this to lets say 1%?