Bathroom x2 + En-suite + Utility control of motion/humidity/light level


So I’ve implemented a couple of Fibaro single/dual relays throughout my house to control outdoor lighting, I now want to move onto my next project: Smart control of bathroom lighting plus loft extractor fan.

We have a Vent Axia unit in our loft that is continually running and when humidity increases it in turn cycles up through the settings to extract moisture quicker.

I have a couple of issues with this setup (previous owners added). One, with it continually running it is extracting heat from 4 rooms, master bathroom, utility, downstairs toilet and ensuite, and two, it probably doesn’t need to be running continuously.

What I’m hoping to achieve (starting with the master bathroom) is :-

  1. Switch on the master bathroom downlights when motion is detected and a certain light level is reached (no point in turning them on for the sake of it). I can achieve this with a relay behind the light switch and a motion sensor.

  2. When a certain level of humidity is detected, switch on the loft extractor unit and switch off when it drops below a certain level.

  3. Switch off the master bathroom downlights when no motion is detected for x minutes.

Are there options available to get this working in Smartthings? I believe there are some multi-sensors that combine motion, humidity but do they offer lightness/darkness detection?

To complicate this setup more, I’d be looking to extend the motion/humidity options to the other three rooms.

Lastly, will sensors be up to the job in a bathroom that can be 100% humidity? I’d ideally like something permenant that I can place within the ceiling as I can access electrics up there to wire it up.

I believe the new generation Aeon labs, Fibaro multi will be able to do the job. Putting these type of sensors in the Washroom is a little odd for some people due to the fact that they look like camera. But if you are OK with it then here’s the link for them. Both of these have motion/humidity/lux and I believe Temp.

The Aeon labs has an optional ceiling mount bracket and I believe Usb power. Not 100% sure about the USB so you have to check for your self.
Ceiling bracket

Thanks, I’ll look into these.