Basic notification vs intrusion

Hi all,

I’m starting to understand modes and routines but still feel I’m missing a basic capability to “check status of things”

I want to have an alert check to make sure the multi sensor reports closed at exactly 9pm or at 9pm if mode is home and if not to notify me “Back door still open”. I saw I could schedule an alert if the door opens or closes after 9pm but not to check the status = open.

I also wanted a notification only if the door opens (like landscaper going into backyard) but I get a “intrusion” push and text as if someone broke into the house.

I’m guessing I haven’t found the right app yet or perhaps it’s right in front of me. Any help appreciated for required reading or tips.

You can have Smart Home Monitor (SHM) monitor your doors for intrusion.

Arm (away) SHM in the routine “Goodbye” - Monitor all sensors. Disarm it in “I’m Back”.

As for getting notifications when SHM is Disarmed,use “Notify me When”. It will push anything you want.

You could use Rule Machine to check the status of a thing at a specific time. Keep in mind schedules are really messed up right now. This is a known issue and ST is working on a fix. This may cause your rule to not fire as expected (this is true of any app that relies on time).

Make sure to read the first post which outlines how the app works and any known limitations.

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