Bali Somfy Remote controlling GE dimmer

I need a little help. I installed my Bali shades in my house. I have all shades working with smartthings and the remotes. The problem I have is the bedroom remote is also controlling my bedroom lights. I do not have this problem with my other remotes. I cannot figure why this is happening the remote is seen as a zwave remote and does not give my any options.

I too am having this issue. You ever find out what is going on?
I just installed everything yesterday. The shades paired right up and then I added the remotes as a secondary remote from the instructions in this video:

after doing this, pressing the buttons on the remotes, my GE Fan control switch turns the fan to high every time it is clicked… on all three remotes.

I looked through the logging and found this comes up every time i press the button on the bali remote:
c10f51bd-8355-45f6-92b7-56c99ca982aa 3:40:37 PM: debug Parse returned null
c10f51bd-8355-45f6-92b7-56c99ca982aa 3:40:37 PM: debug parse() >> zwave.parse(zw device: 09, command: 8003, payload: 59 2D E5 FF FF 89 51 FF FF FF 51 FF FF 89 63 FF FF C4 51 AA 63 C0 00 00 )
7450b5bd-b3cc-42cf-9e3f-393ffc228c1b 3:40:09 PM: debug Left Shade Remote unhandled CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes: 0, reserved11: 0, sceneNumber: 1, sequenceNumber: 165)
6bad2e93-c6dd-4819-af18-b5f0fccf6cfc 3:40:01 PM: debug Parse returned {{ linkText }} has arrived

I’ve tried removing the remotes and re-adding them and it is still doing this.

hello there, i also has this problem, anyone figured out a solution maybe? @ZebraBlinds do you have any solutions?

OH CRAP?! I thought this was just me!!! I thought I had accidentally paired the Bali remote directly to my GE 12730 fan controller!

When I push the up button on the remote, it sets the fan to 100% and worse, I cannot control the fan switch remotely at all afterwards, I try and set another speed and it immediately just jumps back to 100%. I can only break it out of this by manually controlling the fan at the switch itself, then I can regain control over it remotely.