Bali Autoview , Graber Virtual Cord Shades with Mimo2+

Has anyone or can anyone control the Bali Autoview shade from a Fortrezz MIMO2+ or other contact closure input device. I have a full automation system in place with rules to control shades using dry contact ouputs that I want to convert to Z-wave to the shades. I have a MIMO2+ in my network but Fortrezz does not know how to pair it with the shades.

This device is already Z-wave according to the Bali website. Why do you want to use a Mimo 2+? Why not pair the Autoview direct to ST?

My automation system, Elk M1Gold, does not speak Z-Wave. I was sold the MIMO2+ on the premise it
would take the contact closure from the Elk and send out Z-Wave to the shade. Have a better solution?

This forum is for Samsung SmartThings.

I’m new to Z-wave so really have no idea what I’m doing. From research I decided a hub was necessary. The shades and the MIMO are both on a SmartThings Hub. I’m trying to get the MIMO to talk to the shade. Is the hub necessary? Reason I ask is, the two button remote controls the shade directly, no hub needed. Could the MIMO, or another contact closure input device, control the shade directly?

No. You need to do some basic learning first buddy. I suggest you read up on some of the walk throughs and FAQs here on the forum.

not very nice of you

Thanks for chiming in 4 months later. As the original poster stated, he really had no idea what he was doing. So, what would your advice have been?

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