Bad Sensor or Bad Install?

Take a look at these two pictures of one of my new multi-purpose sensors. In the first picture, the sensor reads closed. However, in the second picture, it reads open. The door is a steel and glass sliding door.

Hmmmm, I’ve just got 3 and they show closed at just over an inch apart before going open

I’ve got 4 of this version and this is the only one giving me trouble.

Is the magnet as strong as the others, try raising the magnet to the same as the sensor

I had similar problems with my old wired alarm years ago

It’s the sensor that needs to be raised to the level of the magnet. I’ll get some more 3m tape and give it a try.

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That’s what I meant but I was thinking backwards

that looks like hell, can u rotate the magnet 90 degrees so the grey is against the frame. would look much better.

I would have the sensor on the frame and the magnet on the door. That way the magnet is on the moving part and the sensor can be affixed to something that won’t move.

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