Multi Sensor on a Metal Frame

I have a metal door with a metal frame on the wall around it that I want to install a Multi Sensor on. But since the frame around the door is metal, it constantly shows that the door is closed because the sensor’s magnet senses the metal door frame. Is there a quick fix to this besides putting an inch of velcro between the door frame and the sensor?

How about reversing the Sensor from where the magnet is on the door to where the magnet is on the frame and the sensor is on the door?

Assuming the door is not metal. And have you verified that the sensor itself works when detached?

This is a common problem with metal doors and gates, not just this sensor but for any sensor with a magnet. The problem will get worse and worse over time as the area around the magnet also becomes magnetized.

There are several things you can do. The most popular, as you’ve considered, to lift the sensor and the magnet up off the door.

Some people put a little built up panel of something nice looking (but not wood), usually plastic. Some try to match the existing color of the door. It depends in part on where the door is located and the surrounding decor.

You can also try playing around with the pieces and moving the magnet away from the door. That gets complicated.

The following topic may be of interest also.

Thank you for that answer. It looks like that’s exactly what happened: the magnet magnetized the metal that the sensor is attached to. And since the frame is metal too, I can’t simply switch places for the magnet and the sensor.

From some very brief research I’ve done, it appears that there is no material (glass, plastic, etc.) that shields a gravitational or magnetic field (correct me if I’m wrong, any scientists out there). Therefore, the only real solution would be to get distance between the magnet and the metal using non-conductive material. I can probably do this by raising both the magnet and the sensor off of the metal frame and door using 1/2" of plastic. I’ll give that a try. Thanks again for your help!

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