Open/close sensor placement variation

Hi All,
I have a few open/close sensors in the “typical” use where they are mounted on the side of the door that swings towards you. I also have a pantry door that opens outward and want to put one there as well, but in this case, just for aesthetic reasons, I’d like to put the sensor on the inside of the door so it’s not visible from outside the pantry. The only odd thing about this is that when looking for a spot inside there to mount them, it seems like the magnet and sensor will have to be at right angles to each other. Or more specifically, the plane that the magnet attaches to (the door) is at a right angle to the plane that the sensor attaches to (the door frame). Will the sensor work properly in this configuration? Has anyone done this?

Here’s a couple pics of the area in question.

I have mine set up this way. The magnet is actually mounted to the top. It doesnt matter the orientation on the magnet side as its magnetic all the way around. Everything works fine.

Thanks, I think this is going to work fine once I unravel a problem I created for myself. In the process of trying to get this device added properly, I ended up adding it twice, both with the same name. One of the two works correctly, the other does not. I cannot figure out how to remove the one that doesn’t work. Any thoughts?