Bad Housemates and Security

I’m living in what’s basically a split level, where I’ve got a full smartthings setup in my space, but would like to expand to the whole building. Currently I’ve got my own wifi, while the rest of the building has a seperate network. In some ways I think the cleanest solution would be to put everything on the same network, and run one smartthings account, however I know that if everyone else had access to my account it would involve my lights turning on at random hours and all manner of hijinks. The solution so far was to get a second hub, running on my account, and invite the other residents to have access to that hub. I’m curious if there is any better solution however. My understanding is there will be issues regardless with multiple google accounts/alexa/lutron. What’s the best practice here? A totally new Smartthings for the rest of the house?

I would go with a completely separate hub/account for the rest of the building. If you can’t trust the other residents, you always have the problem of them looking up the serial number on the bottom of the hub, calling in to Samsung support, and getting access to your account that way. Which I assume would give them access to your smart locks and therefore access to your space.

Having two separate accounts also solves the problems with Alexa, etc. So it’s just a cleaner way to go.

But that’s just me. :sunglasses:

I’d suggest get a second hub also… or upgrade to housemates 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just to clarify, it’s can’t trust in the sense of would screw with things to be funny. Definitely not in the sense of actual bad actors.

I do have a seperate hub, it’s just currently tied to a second location on my account.

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Got it— that’s a typical problem in families with school-age kids, Or roommates with lots of friends. Most people solve it by using actiontiles, which is a third party UI for smartthings, runs in just about any browser, and you can limit which devices each view has access to. The license cost is around $30 per hub (not per display unit), and I think there’s a one week free trial. Anyway it’s very popular and might work for you. :sunglasses:

@tgauchat is one of the developers and is also very active in this forum if you have any more questions about it.

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Oh, and as far as the voice assistants, yeah there’s kind of no way around that one: you’ve got to have separate accounts.

If you just had one hub, I suppose you could provide google home for one space and Amazon echo for the other And change which devices were authorized to which.

So I guess my question would be, assuming I use google assistant, is the only way I could control both levels them being attached to the same hub?