Separate homes on the same hub?

So i have a duplex that is setup with smartthings and its great.

There is a lower apartment I am using as a shop/guest area and I’m getting ready to install the electric.

I want that floor to be separate from upstairs (so turn off all the lights dosen’t do both areas. Is there a way to do this with the same hub?

I don’t want to bloat my main area since the rest of the family will almost never be interacting with the lower level.

Or if I need another one can I link my google account to (2) hubs as thats the assistant I use?

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’m not sure I understand the question… let’s see if I can answer your question by asking you some.

Do you have multiple rooms set up in ST right now? If you turn the lights off in one, do you have to turn your lights off in another?

The only reasons to have a second hub is location(another building or geographic location) or access (you want some people to access one hub but not the other). Otherwise, have the whole house on one hub.

Thanks for the reply.

I can see how that was not clear.

I do have rooms setup (and groups in google home) and I can see that i could group them in a new room/s

I guess I was thinking of two conditions:

  1. My wife regularly says: “Turn off all the lights” It would be good if the lights on the lower level didn’t turn off

  2. There may come a time in the coming years (or sooner depending on how long this lock down lasts!) that I decide to rent out the lower space. (It’s a legal separate 1 bed.) If I do that it would be nice to have the devices separated. The idea of excluding everything later seems tedious…

It’s feeling like it’s not possible but it would be ideal if:

I could keep the devices in separate ‘homes’ with the same hub, and able to control both homes with the same google account (assistant)

Feeling like that probably impossible but thought I should check!

Again thanks for the reply, hopefully that was a little clearer!


Unfortunately, it is not going to work with Google assistant as you describe your set up.

Echo allows you to create your own groups, so then it’s easy to say “turn off the shop“ or whatever. You can even have a group called “all lights“ but not put all your lights into it. So at our house “all lights” does not include the lights in my housemates bedroom or the entry light by the front door. But if anybody anywhere else in the house says says “Echo, turn off all lights” It doesn’t turn off the lights in my housemates room.

Google, on the other hand, thinks it’s smarter than you, so it tries to guess what you mean. And “all lights” is one that it gets wrong, frequently. :disappointed_relieved: