Backup Options?

Knowing that their is currently no backup/restore option (IMO this is inexcusable but it currently is what it is) what is everyone doing to create some sort of alternative?

One of these days I’m going to get around to making a complete screenshot archive via the API Browser tool…


Mine is really old school. I keep a spreadsheet with all my devices and all my automations so I know what I have, and what I would need to re-create.

And, of course, I moved all my mission critical automations over to a different platform with a longer MFOP, but that’s a different topic.

Set up a spreadsheet with list of drivers and their associated devices, another sheet with list of routines as well named as possible (allows 95 characters) and most important processes move to rules. Personally if backup was available, but had to be paid for, then I would continue this way.

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