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List of Tasks for Devices?

(Nathan Cabe) #1

Anyone use a spreadsheet or notes somewhere to help keep track of which routines and apps are automating what devices? I’m new to ST and home automation and only have 4 light switches, 2 plugs, and 4 bulbs, a Schlage connect lock, ring doorbell and nest and i am staring to lose track of what is turning lights on or off for what reasons. I’m thinking of making a spreadsheet of sorts (also because I enjoy using Excel) and hoping to get some brainstorming ideas from others that might do the same, or if there is a better way? Thanks!


I keep an Excel spreadsheet based on the punch list format by device. :sunglasses: But it’s not really a good match, it just happened to be a template I already had that I thought I could use. I’m sure there are more effective formats.

(Nathan Cabe) #3

mind sharing a screenshot? lol


Mine is pretty simple if you think device first. But a lot of people think trigger first, or restrictions first, so it really depends on how you want to use it.

Day/Time restriction
Geopresence restriction on/off
Mode restriction on/off
Other restrictions

It’s not perfect, because it’s not really easy to drill down. It’s more just a reminder for myself, for those “what caused that light to turn on?” Moments. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Nathan Cabe) #5

LOL thats exactly why im building one. Wife was in bed and told Alexa goodnight, took me a while to figure out why certain lights turned off lol.


This very comprehensive spreadsheet was created by a past user. It’s a link in the thread below called Smart Things Programming.xlsx. Ignore the thread topic since Rule Machine is no longer available and replaced by WebCore.