A somewhat backup Idea

As we all know there is not a backup for the hub. So I was thinking that what if you were to go to the device section open the device and copy all of the information in the device and paste it to a spreadsheet and flip the data into a table so you at least have all the info for your devices. Then you could copy all your device handlers, code, into another sheet and do the same with the Apps. Maybe do that with a few of the other tabs. If you copied the code you could just copy those back and give you a big start to recovery.That way when you lose everything you at least have a base to start putting everything back.
Now if there is a way to automate all this. I know there are a lot of you programmers that will take this as a challenge. I already started this, manually, but really think that this is doable. Any other suggestions out there?

Sounds good to me! :sunglasses: I’ve always kept a pull sheet for all my devices, and another spreadsheet for my rules. The pull sheet also has a record of when and where the device was purchased and when the warranty runs out. It’s just how I keep track of things.

If you are using webcore for your rules, it has a backup feature for the rules created through it, but it doesn’t affect the devices themselves.

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I have a lot of apps that are admittedly simpler overall, but they back to designated cloud services like Dropbox, google or AWS. That would be a great option. It wouldn’t even need to be a human readable form. I know this is all easy for me to say as opposed to making it happen. If the app knows my account and everything in it, surely it can compile my ST existence into an encoded stream. They must backup and restore back at their complex sometimes too I would thunk.

On a side note for webCoRe when you do a backup locally what type of file is it and does it contain all your backup codes

Just wondering if it is a good idea to cut-and-paste device handler code and save that somewhere?

Has anybody gone that far?

webCoRE has definitely made life easier. Especially when you define your devices in the top section of the Piston.

Creating rules for new devices is a simple as importing the backup code and selecting the correct device. This is why I pretty much use it exclusively for my rules.

Hopefully in future, this whole back up fiasco will be rectified. For now, it’s a slow and tedious process no matter what. Good thing for me, I’ve not had the “pleasure” of doing a full restore. Biggest headache(s) for me is adding a new Harmony Hub. Doing so, you have to delete everything and start over. For me, that takes hours if not days.