Support for LED Bulbs with Speakers as a SONOS alternative

SONOS is kind of expense just to have a speaker say hi. There are many LED bulbs now that also support speakers via BT and WiFi. It would be great if this class of devices could be supported.

Specific example? Is a particular brand popular? If so … then there are lots of folks in the Community here that are likely chomping at the bit to integrate them :wink:

That’s a great questions. Since CES in January, it seems like a new round of Kickstarter and companies already in the LED bulb business are making more integrated LED bulbs with speakers, repeaters, security, etc… Many of them are Bluetooth and that may be a non-started, but some of the newer one are WiFi enabled. As such, I’m not sure a clear leader has emerged.
BTW, I did send similar suggestions to a few of the Bulb manufactures for them to consider integrating with ST or IFTTT.
Sorry, not much help…

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I was actually researching this over the weekend due to boredom and came across this. Could be interesting.

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Thanks! This is a very cool combination. I cannot wait to buy one!

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Can we get this integra with ST?