Set Hue Lights Simultaneously?

Today I was playing around with the Mood Cube SmartApp and noticed that when it sets a scene it sets it one light bulb at a time (using hue light bulbs). When I choose a scene from the Hue App it self it will set the scene on all bulbs simultaneously. I looked into the Mood Cub SmartApp code and I noticed that it just iterates over the lights and sets each bulb individually. The Hue Mood SmartApp appears to handle it the same way. Is there anyway to get a SmartApp to set Hue lights simultaneously?

One idea I had was to try to see if a Hue scenes it self can be accessed from a SmartApp possibly? Anyone know if any existing SmartApps can trigger a Hue scene?


Going to assume this used to be how the Mood Cube worked. About 4 months ago something changed with the Hue integration changed. Now it seems like any Hue connected bulb will more or less iterate though a for loop. So if you are turning on 3 lights they popcorn on , 1, 2, 3. It used to not do that. I have complained, as many others. Have an open ticket as others do as well. I say open a ticket with ST with your issue of them not coming on simultaneously. Check the general discussion section for our thread of “hue delay” for more of us complaining about it.