Awesome SmartApp: Mood Cube (with critical bug)

I haven’t seen it. Let me know if you find it.

I think he added the values manually, which I can do too but would be a lot easier if it could work like it says.

@Pete - Do you know if there is a final draft of the mood cube smartapp code? Is the extract listed above in this post still the latest? I’ve bought all the necessary components after seeing your other post with the Mood Cube instructions. The end result looked awesome! Thanks

I modified the source code of the mood cube, to accept hardcoded color in text (Off, Pink, Blue, Deep Blue, Green, Day, Warm, Orange), so you don’t need to input the hue & saturation.

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Am I missing something obvious, or is it not really clear how colors are set? I’m using the standard Mood Cube app in the marketplace … and for each of the six sides of the cube, there are apparently 3 groups of settings which include each hue bulb - a binary off/on switch, a dimmer, and a hue/saturation.

The on/off and dimmer are relatively straightforward, but I must be missing something about the hue/saturation one because no matter what I put in - FF0000, Red, etc. - I can’t have it turn on any bulbs red. I even tried using the native Hue app to set all the bulbs to red manually, then in the Mood Cube configuration instructed it to detect the current state of the bulbs … but that still doesn’t seem to work.

Any clues? There’s so many different mood and hello home cube threads around, I’m not really sure where to start.

The SmartApp is garbage is the problem.

I switched over to CoRE a little while ago and created a piston that does what the app does, and a whole lot more. It has made me fairly jaded towards the concept though, because the sensor itself is quite slow to report orientation changes. I’m going to try changing out the battery soon to see if low battery charge has anything to do with its slowness.

I’m using the cube app, and my problem is the sensor is too fast in reporting changes and caused multiple switching of color while I flip it

The hue/saturation is in the following format:

Red: 100/100

I have no idea what you just said there …


So … uh, what are colors like green, blue, etc.? How would I have otherwise calculated this 100/100 value … short of coming to the community forums?

This is how I get the value, change the color of the bulb manually via smartthings app, then view the live logging via IDE, then I pick up the hue and saturation values I want.

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Would you mind sharing the core app?


Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant the Piston, I have core but am pretty new to it.

On my setup, I’m also using Hue Lights, Groups, and Scenes app and device handlers because the color scenes can be saved as virtual buttons, which change the colors of groups of lights very quickly. Here’s a pic of how my piston is set up:

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Yes, so am I!

Thank’s for sharing your piston structure, I’ll give it a go…

This is a great idea. I like the idea of using CoRE pistons to do the grunt work (more flexibility in the result of each turn.)
Since the output of the tilt sensor is more than just the 6 positions, can the device be placed in, say, a dodecahedron? Has anyone used the knock sensor with it?

Ok, I have tried setting the Mood Cube app up with virtual (momentary) switches, not happy with the results. Tried to use it directly with HUE lights through the hub. When flipping it, it cycles through all of the modes and sometimes they get stuck. (Lagged out of sequence commands I think.)

Could a debounce timeout be put into the code so that the commands don’t start until the cube is stationary? Or say N seconds after movement starts?

Is there a way to trigger on a condition, wait a duration and then evaluate a case test?

If movement (
Wait 5 seconds
If case 1 (
Do this
)else if case 2 (
Do that
)else if case 3 (
Do something else

Hey, looking at your piston and struggling to replicate it. Trying to move my Mood Cube over to CORE. Would you describing the piston type and how you’ve nested multiple then statements? Any guidance would be awesome!