Dimmer Cube

Got the idea from this thread about the mood cube.

Decided I would like a more direct way of dimming a lamp in my living room than having to pull out my phone all the time.

Didn’t get a picture of the inside but embedded a multisensor inside.


This is awesome! I would love to mod this to be colors. I’m thinking about adding some color changing bulbs to our kitchen for accent lighting bouncing off the ceiling. A color cube would be a hit!

Would love to see someone come up with a 3d printed cube that could house the sensor. That might be cool as well.

Click the first link in the post. A guy did it with hue bulbs.

Thanks. I got so excited about it I skipped right over that! (It’s a Monday, so this is excitement for the day!)

I want to give one to the wife and attach it to a color changing bulb :wink:

result could go either way

Awesome project!

Love it.