Yet another wooden Cube

Hey Folks,

I get inspired by this post: A decorative cube that controls your home

So I forked it, do some changes and here is it.

This is a SmartSensor MutliSensor stuck to a wooden box. Just need to add stickets now.

The magic is done by the smartapps and allow you to trigger routines when:

  • You change the orientation of the cube
  • When it leave or return to it’s home location (with a magnet well positioned to trigger the open/close contact).


Face configuration

This page is auto-refreshed to the (current) will change according to your cube orientation.


No need to donate, like are welcome :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! Great job.

Take any pictures while you were building you want to share? Would love to see how you made the wood cube (selfishly as I want to build one now!!)

Got from a wooden puzzle.

Nice… Very nice… You scare me every time with your avatar. People are getting suspicious who the real poltergeist is… :smile:

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At least I don’t have any issue with my setup and hub v1… For now…

Darn, why do I get the feeling you are screaming that to us coz of your avatar! My niece is scared! :wink:

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Looks nice ! good job !

Well done. I’d like to share mine as well. I’ll have to try out your modified app.



I am one week new to smart things so please forgive the basic question. Could you send me a URL (or part #) for the Multi Sensor that can be used for this. I am confused about which one it is ?



I hope this is one being talked about (this is the newest model).

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:thumbsup: that’s the one.

thanks so much folks !

@CyrilPeponnet Your avatar! Darn… :slight_smile: it keeps reminding me how everybody feels!

Someone knows where to find a nice box for this? Like that puzzle box

I use the Photo Cube. try the craft stores for local ones. Also the Baseball holder looks like it would work well.


I ended buying this:
Lets see how that will work, but I like the photo cube solution as well!

Looking Nice and Good. Interesting!