Mobile Presence Problems

I have been using presence from Android phones and Life 360 together with the below smartapp successfully till recently.

I have now got new android mobile phones for me and my wife and a strange problem started. The android presence for both the phone quite often changes to “away” then back to “present” and back to “away” when we leave home. This is usually not a problem when we leave home as my goodbye and I’m back routines are executes 1 more time than required. But my problem is when we actually return home. The presence changes to “present” and then “away” and then “present” again. I have a min away time of 5 mins. So when I reach home, my alarm goes off as the I’m back routine hasn’t executed.

I am not really sure why this is happening. Can someone help me resolve this issue? I can remove the min away time, but I feel that may cause other false alarms.

I have all our phones set to 9 minutes before away is registered. How long is it showing you away for after you arrive ? The intermittent cloud issues the last few days have been effecting presence as well. It seems that they are being cached on the cloud and then coming in all at once. I was sitting here Sun or Mon night and got 5-6 arrival/ departure alerts over about 5 minutes. I assumed they were all of the alerts from the day.

Explains it I think. Had me leave & come back & leave & come back a few times as well.

Oh what I will give for true local processing.
ANYTHING relying on “the cloud” for processing cannot be trusted, as the numerous outages of ST in the last 2 weeks alone have, sadly, yet again, demonstrated so very clearly.

Thanks for the response guys. Are the cloud issues something which started in the last 1 week? I am only having this problem for a week now. Haven’t experienced it before.

When it happens it is usually within 2 mins it switches between away and present. There was once or twice in the last week where it happened over 5 mins window.

This is why I recommend setting it to 9 or10 minutes. Phone Geo-Fencing can be flaky at ,since partly based on which way the wind blows and your phone switching which cell tower it is connecting to.

I currently don’t experience problems when I am at home. Only when I am leaving or coming back home. If I set the min away time to 10mins, that would mean every time I return, I will still be away. Did I understand you correctly?

No the delay only effects leaving, not arriving. So you have to be gone for 10 minutes before HA will see you as away. Arrival is still " instantaneous " . Of course you can only arrive if you have been registered as leaving.

Actually I see a delay in the “Goodbye” routine which is currently 0. I also see a Min away time in the “I’m Back” routine which is 5 mins. So you are suggesting I change the dealy in “Goodbye” to 10 mins and the Min away time in “I’m Back” to 0. Correct?

In the IDE under hub utilities , you set the presence timeout default. Not in the app.

Thanks. I have now set the timeout to 10 and set the times in routines to 0. Will see if this helps.