Undocumented feature for Smart Lighting sunset/sunrise scheduling

Using STSC creating new automation, I want an event to happen between 9pm and just after dawn. Can’t do that. I can set a start and an end time, or I can use sunset/sunrise plus offset for both. But I can’t have a clock time and a sunrise/sunset time in the same automation. There is no error message. I found this by trial-and-cursing.

I can set a start time and a sunrise offset end time, but the Next button won’t work.

If I check the start time after setting the end sunset time, the start time has changed to current clock time.

If I fix the start time, the end sunrise has become end some random clock time in the AM.

I did finally stop fighting with it and set start time as 9pm and end time as 7am. Next button then allowed me to go to next screen.

It’s not a bug…it’s a feature! :grin:

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Yup. Hence the caption.

And thanks to the person who expanded my caption. I seriously err in the direction of “no dissertation in the caption” to the point of useless terseness.