Automations & Weather not working

I had success adding it and I see weather station as a tile. I looked back at our chat and saw you created an event each day to refresh the weather station. I am wondering if doing the refresh once a day is enough or if you might suggest doing it more often? Just curious since you certainly have the experience with the setup. Thanks again.

The Smart Weather device you just created automatically updates. (I think every 4 hours). If you are OK with every stock refresh rate then you don’t need the automation.

The purpose of the automation created above is to refresh the data more often, every 15 minutes in this case.

Thank you for that information. I am just curious where you see that above automation saying it refreshes the data every 15 minutes? I am just trying to understand how he programmed this. I have little experience with doing automations so it’s always good to learn from those who have the experience, thank you :slight_smile:

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He is using 1 virtual switch with 2 separate but related automations.

The 1st automation cycles the virtual switch and refreshes the weather tile every 15 min.

The 2nd automation cycles the virtual switch at 4 AM evey morning.

The reason for the 2nd automation is because the looping cycle created by the 1st automation typically stops working after a day or two for some unknown reason. So the 2nd automation keeps the 1st automation working.

In the first automation

In the IF the switch must remain off for 1 min to trigger the routine

In the THEN the switch turns On then Auto turns Off after 14 minutes (this starts the cycle over again)

Thanks for the reply

Thank You very much