Automations problem: presence-based rules not working right

K. I have a real simple problem I just have figure out what’s going on. I have a I’m Back automation and it setup as If Away I have the advance slider turned on and at least one member is at home. Then run I’m Back Scene That scene consist of Unlock both Front/Back Door and turn living room light up to 40% then change to Home Mode. So twice once at 11:45pm and then again at 12:15am in the morning I roll over in bed and notice the living room lights are on. So this morning I took a little closer look at what happened and my Sister In Law either drove by or stop by to drop of her son which lives with us above the garage Either way it shouldn’t be running the automation because it’s not in Away Mode and there is Members already home so that should be it for the automation. but it runs the whole automation. Why I know it’s something simple but what.

Please post a screenshot of the automations that you have set up so we can see the details. :sunglasses:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Check out the web site.

D. Totty I Phone.

My arrival and departure automations are based on virtual presence sensors, and are pretty solid. When the location mode precondition was introduced it was discovered to to be ineffective when it was combined with ‘any of’ combinations of more than one other condition. This issue was fixed for my use case, but there have been many reports that there are continuing issues when it is combined with Member Locations in certain ways. I am unclear exactly what the problematic combination or combinations is or are, but I believe checking the Member Location of more than one member is key.

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I think I got it I remember that you said about the precondition switch I turned it off and then I got the all conditions or any conditions have to be met I hope this will fix my issues Thanx.