"*** is home" automations firing randomly in the middle of the night

over the last 2 weeks i finally got the nerve to delete the classic app and begin using the new version. The biggest issue i have since doing so is “something” is triggering my presence sensor “at home” automations in the middle of the night. Each family member uses life360 as the presence sensor, but life360 is not indicating anyone is “leaving” or “coming back” home (we’re all sleeping and STHM is armed). Nevertheless, ST sends roughly 25 “**** is home” notifications indicating that the automations are firing over and over again.

I’ve gone through and disabled every smartapp that i no longer use anymore and the issue seems to persist. During the day, when people are actually moving in and out of the house, the automations perform entirely normal. Any insight as to what in the world could be going on here?

I have had that issue several times. The final fix has been changing the battery at 60%.


Check the mode preconditions for your automations.

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The presence sensors are our smart phones, so there’s no battery to speak of in this case

The precondition mode setting is disabled, though i admittedly don’t understand what the setting actually does other than place “location” as the primary condition

The Precondition is used to specify whether you want that condition to be used as a trigger or not. For example, if you wanted an automation to run when you arrive home, you would not want “home” to be a precondition, but if you wanted an automation to run when something else happens while you’re already At Home, then you would want it to be a precondition.

With the latest app update, the precondition setting got messed up. If your conditional check is based off arriving home, you don’t want that as a precondition, but if you have other conditional checks such as others already being at home then you may want those as preconditions. In any case, double check that they are setup as they should be, manually turning them on or off as necessary. Don’t trust what is already shown because it is not necessarily reflecting the state that the automation is using.